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 Good bases available 100%Validity... I offer the best !!!!

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PostSubject: Good bases available 100%Validity... I offer the best !!!!   Sat May 30, 2015 4:29 am

This is the Year to make your family and every relatives of you to be happy by helping them with what you got to help them with,i'm telling every serious member of Bitshacking here that we have

two types of Vendor's and the reason am saying this is that,some Vendor's never come on here for a long term relationship business,but they just on  here to get other's ripped which is not good

,everyone here can ask of me on the Forum site if i got anyone ripped or give out any bad stuffs to Loose,no i never do that,because am on here to give good high validity stuffs for

everyone who buys from me to know that am here for a good long term business...those who knows me for so Long knows I'm trusted cvv track seller and I offer stuffs for serious carders and i offer

the best . all my stuffs are fresh 100% live most of them came with pin ,i do WU/MG Trfs........... If you need CVV or Dumps (track1/track2 original),logins or something else I will be glad to help you

if you respect my rulles. Always in stock Us , EU , UK , CN ,ASIA, I mean world wide database of dumps, COB's, Full Info, CVV's...etc DUMPS - include original track1/track2, also have some

dumps with card holder info (ZIP , SSN , MMN , I offer the best stuffs , ccv, dumps+pin, cvv fullz, dumps, track and paypal account CVVs - include CC#, CVV2, EXP.DATE, full name, full address.*

My contact details PM :  icq : 662266399
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Good bases available 100%Validity... I offer the best !!!!
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