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 Liberty Reserve Alternatives

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PostSubject: Liberty Reserve Alternatives   Liberty Reserve Alternatives EmptyFri Aug 23, 2013 10:29 am

Hello Members,

As you all know Liberty Reserve has been down for while now. It has been officially closed and the Liberty reserve website has been shut down but don't lose hope as there are other alternative of Liberty Reserve Ready to serve you. see the list below

Perfect Money

Another Liberty Reserve alternative is Perfect Money.
Perfect Money has been a long term competitor to Liberty Reserve for many years and for that reason I trust their experience.They recently changed their address so here is the new one.
You can read more about Perfect Money here :

Web Money

Web Money is one of the original e-currency providers. It has managed to stay in business for many years and I personally have never lost money at Web Money.
The currency exchange rate is almost exactly like Liberty Reserve. Many vendors also accept Web Money and I have a feeling it will become very popular someday . I personally use it and i have no problem with it.
You can read more about Web Money here : [url= ] [/url]


Payza previously known as Alert Pay re-branded itself to ensure relevance in the quest for dominance in the payment gateway market. Payza works just like Paypal. It’s unlike Liberty Reserve but I thought it wasn’t a bad idea if it made a spot here. What Payza does is that; it allows seamless transaction between both parties while acting as the middle man. You have the capacity to transfer funds from one user to another using a very secure verification system.
Read more about Payza here
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Liberty Reserve Alternatives
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